Banner fabrics

Scope of Use

Frontlit - Stylus® FL 450-510

  • FL
  • 460
  • Фронтлит литой - Stylus® FL 460-510
  • Фронтлит литой - Stylus® FL 460-510
  • Фронтлит литой - Stylus® FL 460-510

Stylus® FL 510 g/m2 – the thickest and that’s why most durable  material, is used for the most important tasks: the production of the brandmauers with big square or constructions with high wind force, also for the production tents with printing advertising graphics.

Stylus® FL 460 g/m2 – application: banners, billboards, advertising constructions, shop-windows and object or trade fair design.

Stylus® FL 450 g/m2 - the most delicate position, used for advertising designs, and a small area for a short period of use of facilities.

Backlit laminated - Stylus® Eco BL 440

  • Backlit buy laminated Kiev
  • Buckley for light constructions
  • Backlit for citylights
  • Buy Backlit Polymerconsulting

Stylus® Eco BL 440 m2 — laminated banner fabric, with similar structure as film, has perfect optical transmission, and used for interior advertising structures with backside light.

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