Truck Cover and Tarpaulins

Hardwearing coated and semi-coated PVC polyester fabrics for production tarpaulins for trucks, trailers, covers for cutters and yachts.

Scope of Use

Omega™ tent - 650

  • 1
  •  OMEGA tent 650
  • 11
  • OPTIMA 450-630
  • OPTIMA - 630
  • сухой бассейн из ПВХ ткани

Omega™ tent 650 is the most popular tarp fabric in Ukraine which is produced by knife-coating technology on the new italian coating line.  

Omega™ is the only one fabric in Ukraine that is produced in China with European quality standards and a three-year warranty. It is supplied with one-sided acrylic varnishing and is used for the manufacture of pneumatic-trampoline complexes, covers of light temporary structures: pavilions, tents, summer restaurants, market rows, suitable for car tents.

GAMMA - 650

  • beta
  •  Awnings for trucks
  • 2
  • Рекламні намети

GAMMA 650 — is used for track covering, open pavilions, and wide range of awnings

According to independent tensile tests the strongest fabric in this class presented in Ukraine which has maintained unchanged quality standards over many years of production.

Optima™ tent - 630

  • furniture covers
  •  pvc curtains and windows
  • pvc play poufs and playpens
  • pvc light tents
  •  covers for pvc equipment
  • 1

Optima™ tent 630 g/m² - tarp fabric with one-side acrylic lacquer, is used for trailers, light tents, tents, curtains covering  and the inner layer of the roof hangars.

GAMMA / OMEGA™ tent - 700

  • OMEGA - 700
  • 7
  • 8
  • Awnings for trucks

GAMMA 700 / Omega™ tent 700  fabric for track roofs, hangars, livestock complexes ect. The fabrics are highly durable, easy to clean and has a special resistance to folding.

Gamma 12 / Omega™panama - 930/900

  • The fabric for the roof of the truck
  • GAMMA 12 - 930
  • GAMMA 12 - 930

GAMMA 12 - 930 g/m² and Omega™ panama - 900 г/м² — is used for making roller shutters for Eurotrucks, fixed or sliding covers for containers (container (Open Top)).

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