We supply PVC coated fabrics and films for advertising
and industry to Ukraine from 2003.
Each day all of us provide our customers as much as possible

#more benefits

  • Stable

    When choosing a partner, we are guided primarily his ability to ensure the quality of products and services on a permanent basis.

  • Fair

    Our pricing policy is always transparent and fair. It consists of a set of competitive advantages and quality of services.

  • Uninterrupted

    Precisely organized supply chain, systemic work with the producers and the constant market monitoring allow us to provide virtually uninterrupted availability of the main range of materials in the our warehouses.

  • Perfect

    Professional support, personal attention and friendly attitude to our customers to help us to communicate partnerships warmth and mutual understanding for many years

We try to do our best that our partners might say:
- "Guys, pleasure to deal with you!" - And it had to deal only with us.

Sergei Iomtev,
Founder / CEO

#We do everything to make you happy

  • Tell and show

    Ask complex questions - get smart answers. Try samples - make your orders.

  • We cut & deliver

    Precisely cut! Fast deliver!

  • Get discount

    It's simple - take a lot and often, pay on time - has a discount!

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    • Many thanks to "Polymer" for responsiveness and understanding. Always willing to help. I sincerely wish you more satisfied customers. And a separate thanks for the help after hours and on weekends. Nice to know that there is a supplier who will ship the material at any time, and this happens.

      Vladimir Buslenko, "Univest Prepress"