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PVC clear film

PVC clear film

Flexible, transparent, calendered film of plasticized PVC. A good feature material - strength and durability. Excellent welded, stitched and glued PVC fabrics.

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PVC clear film

Clean PVC film helps to protect structures and arrange their elements:

• windows in tents;

• protection of summer buildings from snow;

• advertising pockets;

• inserts in curtains in production;

• inserts in the gate.

Achilles (500 microns), 650 g / m². The material is distinguished by a high degree of transparency, practically does not shrink and weld perfectly. Suitable for both stationary products and elements, and seasonal demountable structures.

Achilles Low Shrink (500 microns), 650 g / m². The shrinkage of this material is 0.

Achilles (750 microns), 975 g / m². Is a thicker, heavier version of the transparencies.

Polytex® clear (500 microns), 650 g / m². More economical option for similar projects. Possesses excellent consumer properties.

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