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Machines for welding polymer fabrics and films

Machines for welding polymer fabrics and films

Heating systems, devices for welding tent and banner PVC fabrics, polymer and bitumen roofing, waterproofing films and geomembranes in the construction of underground and hydraulic structures, welding of polymer pipes, heating and shrinkage processes.

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Machines for welding polymer fabrics and films

The PVC membrane welding machine is a professional equipment used to melt polymers. Welding is carried out with hot air. During welding with hot air, an incandescent air jet enters the combined materials. After that, they are fused together.

The equipment is designed for hot air overlap welding of awning and banner fabrics, homogeneous and multilayer waterproofing coatings. Used in the production of car awnings, pavilions, tents, industrial curtains, pool coverings, air and swimming facilities, advertising banner structures, building cover films, floor coverings, etc.

The most popular automatic welding machines with similar technical characteristics are LEISTER UNIPLAN E.

LEISTER automatic welding machines catalog

Manual hot air appliances

The devices are designed for welding sheet and roll thermoplastic materials, for welding sheets, pipes, films, roofing and waterproofing coatings, PVC fabric, plastic parts, floor coverings (bar welding, overlapping welding, fusion welding), for shrinking heat shrinkable tubes, couplings, etc. films for heating and drying processes.

Hot air devices have built-in air supply and smooth temperature control. Reliable, powerful and ergonomic, multipurpose handheld devices are represented by the most sought-after LEISTER TRIAC S and LANSITE DSH-BX models.

LEISTER Manual hot air appliance catalog

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