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Awning fittings are a wide range of different accessories. Their main purpose is convenient and reliable fastening.
Fittings are a mandatory component in working with polymer textiles.Products must be durable, of high quality, resistant to heavy loads. This is the only way to ensure long-term, comfortable and durable operation of the awning itself. The safety of the use of awnings for any vehicles or analogues popular in everyday life depends on the quality of the fittings.

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Key features

In order for the awnings to be able to fully perform all functions, reinforced fittings are needed. It must comply with norms and standards.

Good fittings for PVC awnings have the following key features:

• correct geometric shape;

• using high quality materials used for production;

• resistance to negative environmental factors;

• resistance to loss of primary characteristics even during long-term operation.


Eyelets are rings of various configurations made of metal (less often of plastic)/ The form of eyelets can be circle, oval or rectangle with rounded edges. Metal rings can be made from brass, stainless steel, pure gold or galvanized steel.


Staples are used to attach tarpaulin cables to a vehicle, sideboard, body or frame. Can be round and rectangular with rounded edges. One type of brace, so called “oscillating”, is used to more flexibly attach the awning to the frame or side; unlike such brackets, pivoting brackets are used to tighten the awning more tightly so that it does not sag and take the shape of a sail, as this can lead to its damage.


Hooks are used to attach cables and belts to the sides.

Accessories for awnings can be used for various purposes in the household, at work. With the help of special technologies, the products easily tolerate various negative environmental factors. Among them are temperature drops, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or rain. In general, under any weather conditions, they retain their primary characteristics.

Remember that the fittings must be durable, reliable, resistant to damage and wear, resistant to manifestations of environmental factors (moisture, water, precipitation, UV rays, etc.). As a result, the use of the awning will be long-lasting, reliable and as convenient as possible.

Mandrels and punches

To install the eyelets, it is necessary to cut holes in the material using a punch and a hammer. Then you need to install and fix the eyelets. For these purposes, mandrels (expanding machines) are used. Mandrels and punches are matched to the diameter of the eyelets you want to use. They usually have a round, oval, rectangular shape.

For banner fabrics, we offer eyelets manufactured by Mabel (Spain).

They are an excellent addition to any awning, making the scope of use wider, guaranteeing the comfort of use.

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